Mista Red - Throed Flo Lyrics

I learnt the game from my dad
Up north from Beanie Siegel
Sahas ride around smoking
Blunts like its legal
I'm out here on da grind putting
In time for my people
Lethal with the weapon
Danny glover die hard sequal
Hopped up out the Lexus
Then I jumped off in da regal
Half of y'all rappers really sugary
Equal, the way I hide the eggs
You would think that it was Easter
Half a pound, whole pound
Right behind the speakers
Now I'm blowing loud you can smell
It through the tweeters, ridin
Round town man look at all these
Geekers, caramel candy apple paint
For trick or treaters, black dickey
Pants, air forces wife beaters
Momma gotta model gotta holla she
A diva, the way she look in pants
She'll make you have a seizure