Mista Red - I'm Grinding Lyrics

I started off young working jobs , I ain't make e nuff
See I'm from the hood, streets real I ain't faking bruh
I be on my grind getting mine, wat you thanking bruh
Wet paint dripping down the ave when we rolling up
I ain't gotta holla nor speak, chicks kno it's us
Kno it's us responsible for our city state coming up
Here we cum, from da slum, believe me they ain't cut like us
Where I'm from, thangs is all good, but they ain't good enuff
Hood hood enuff for ya young brutha this is not a game
Bruthas loose they life, yea they might, for the price of fame
Jus to gain a chain or sum brain, Maine, it's a shame
Now a days, rappers an these trappers Maine they so lame
2 insane, bang on a track, we are not the same
Man I came, I came to bring the pain
I bet they kno my name, Mista red, bout dat bread
Down south , well fed , keep a stallion In my bed
Chocolate chip, bobble head