Mob Figaz - Soldier's Paradise (Ft. Billy Bathgate & Crooked Eve) Lyrics

You can't fuck with that
[The Jacka]
Smoking robalaids for hop
Now I'm hooked, I can't stop
Twist a chop, hop in a 500 drop
With the big homie Bo loc drive slow
I got the four benz I'll be the twins on me
Peeling 80 off the Alize
Time to put in work
Knocking now watching where I'm aiming out the candy gray Mercedes
Dam near going crazy in these savage last days
Busting the suckas on sight' a soldiers paradise, a soldiers paradise
Now it's the Hustlah nigga I like to light ya'll
But still I dwell a soldier's paradise
Hustlah kill cops
We ain't care about they whereabouts
We operate dee
Poppin' and keepin' the 5 on dubs
Smash into the club
Vests on our chests cuz there ain't no love from the other side
They hate on ya'll niggas cuz they get the scrilla
Make it multiply
Fuck them broke niggas
Mob Figaz increasin them homicides
Packing them choppers like [?] baby mama's cry
A soldier's paradise
A muthafuckin' soldier
25 trying to have mail
Swimming through the hood
Like a big whale, big daddy
Like a mobster eating lobster at the penthouse
Trying to have a million or two, no doubt
Bathgate got the clout nigga forever in or out
We blow yo brains out
CD's, slang from the bay to the south
Ate off waited like a gangster at his house
[The Jacka]
A soldier's paradise sip in this game and pay the price
It's my life or your life and nigga I'm the shit
So I take yours quick
Won't even think to load the clip
And that's the way it is the way we live our life
A soldier's paradise
Selling yay to survive
Fresh and kayta by my side
Mob figas steady mobbin'
When it's time to ride
When it's time to ride
Heard it was major league, duck tape keys and mob thugs
Crooked detectives, made men, and a paid judge
Them Mob Figaz
Major pain is steady mobbin'
Going chaotic
Exotic hoes and exotic pros
You stacking seven figures, gold bars
And stop rhymes
We on our own bank
Swiss accounts worth real estate
The life of luxury and bitches feeling me, bitches feeling me
It's only one ways in nigga, no ways out
I'm sworn in
It won't leave till I'm popped up and carried out
Smoked the snitches
Trust none of the bitches
Dig all the ditches for those that didn't listen
Ugh stay G off hennessey and weed
Bathgate hit the D.A
So we ain't sweated by the P.D.'s
Mob Figaz not your ordinary niggas
Squeeze the automatic triggas
Made millionaire figaz
A soldier's paradise that' always bearing a life long gone
And I was lookin' at my niggas telling me to hold on
I'm almost gone
I cried a few
Won't raise my tone
I'll blaze the chrome
Bust back at a nigga with the gauge it's on
His face is gone
We got ahead the chase is on
In a paradox this ain't paradise
I swear this life's been fucked up from the start
Half heart, half money nigga I paid my part
Now where's paradise
[Chorus: Crooked Eve] till fade
Soldier, soldier living in a soldier's paradise
Better watch your back
They out to get your scratch
In this game it's do or die