Murphdirt - PILLZ (Ft. J Skeezy) Lyrics

You know that you look good
You know that I look good
Tripping off an 8th of shrooms
Just trying to enter the spirit realm
So if you bout that just stick around
I know you ain't fronted I know you a freak
And I know We bout to wreck te fuckin sheets
Me and you and a friend or three
So many girls john cena couldn't see me
Why don't we hug on these drugs
Why don't we kiss on these shits
Why I don't eat ya and trip
Why we don't fuck on these pills
Why don't we fuck on these pills
Why don't you twerk on this dick
Like you earning a living off of shaking ya shit
Catch me at the geisha house
Getting real trippy
Catch me with the trap thots smoking like a chimney
Nancie move addy thru the post
Like she Karl Malone
Lean and lines and wine and dine
On that pussy no menu
Stick like a tattoo
Murphdirt just grab you
And fuck you hard on the counter
[Verse 2: J Skeezy]