Mystix - Peridot (Ft. Traumatize) Lyrics

Verse 1
Only Here to Imbue, But Ya’ll Pepe Le Pew Dittos
Must Have me confused, With some other Fool
Vast as the Deep Blue Sea
SINGULAR, like the Moon Reflects the ocean
Cleanse The Soul, Before You Approach
Thou will never follow Another persons Route
Constant Negativity, Leaves a Vessel Hollow
Better Wake up Now and Eliminate Your Sorrow
Instead Of Feeling Pain and stress
Resort to popping Pills, and blowing Sess until
Its difficult To Breathe, Then Caving in, Inside Your Chest
A narrow Mind Arises Conflict, Jealousy is contagious
Diminishing Goals, Aspirations
If Inside No heart Found, Living in Torment
Chasing to be a Part off, Sitting Ornament
See Its told to never Fold, Don’t let Your Enemies Know
Your next, plotted move, If not You loose, its Hard to cope
All is Fair, in Love, and War
Nymphaea, Red, Flare
Don’t Proclaim, The Progress, Made
Verse 2
Look Deeply and Perceive in it's entirety
Cleanse your being until you feel free
(Start your own path evolve into a beautiful being)
Don't be a fool, Don't be so cruel
Kill and Rule, your own emotions
I create a motion a personal magic potion in the sky
I'm soaring storing seeking some higher mind-state
A debate in the brain, thoughts are a seance
Swaying so soundly
Profoundly with positivity
What is jealousy
Use as a fire to fuel the creation of next level
Personal demons just face em
Grasp em, change em, erase em
Reduces chances of inflation of the mind
"Hi it's me the ego of your psyche master of the super ego
And the ID, Know the middle to solve this riddling
Mystery of the universe
Acting like a kid well, grow out of that hell