DOWN6 - Hell Raisers (Ft. Trollator) Lyrics

I dont give a fuck about a rapper that dont wanna talk/
Im stepping in the building with a semi auto and a Glock/
Im knocking on the rhythm, with a lot of pot, i hit em/
When i shot em with an ak-47 and their bleeding lots/
Chopping every motherfucker like it was a competition/
Murdering the syllables im flowing in my opposition/
Burn em in a night, i put em off and then im floppin dissing/
Turn around and fighting, everybody wanna talk, im pissing/
I spit it so wicked, that pussy be dripping/
All over my mouth and my hands, wanna lick it/
I struggle to grip it, my digits be slipping/
Im eating her out like some left over chicken/
Bitch im irrelevant, fly like a pelican/
Late for my class they were ringing the bell again/
Think im a pass by my teeth, im in hell again/
When i release at the feast, they were fellow sins/
Hit em in the mouth, stop talking loud/
Gonna kill em in their house, im stalking cows/
Im murdering the spouse, im clocking scouts/
And im ordering around, better stop and count/
Recite my rhymes and my flow is devine/
I be taking a piss on these rappers, dont lie/
And i dont give a fuck, i will talk on the mic/
And given my luck, imma pitty your lives/
(Verse 2: Troll)
Eu tô pique Vlad, matando inimigos
Enfiando neles a tora no cú
Se você não entende nada do que eu digo
Então pare de ouvir, não vai dar pra tu
Pau no seu cú, Zé!
Pensa que sou um Mané
Só por que nasci em Magé?
Anjo torto do pau grande
Chego pra mostrar talento igual Pelé
Te cravo o machado daqui pra Moscou
(Hã?) Acho que você moscou
Se mexer ca' minha mina vai levar porrada
Igualzinho Ivã, você já anotou?
Quero mais que se fôda, sou chefe do flow
Derrubo demônios igual padre Herman, bro'
É... manchou
Romanov nessa porra cai igual o doutor