NeckRoidz - Across The Room Lyrics

Picture this
[Verse1:Young Gifted]
Truly Speaking no does i do
Always walking by so i said hey you
She said hey too she like you know me
Am i like no clue
Am i like you know me?
She like damn straight
Had a few drinks went to the back stage
She asked for my number
Am like leave it on my fan page
So besides that i didn't tee
I tapped that
And i hit that
I swear its a crime scene
Someone put the cufs on me
Me with your girl
You can just picture me im your girls dream
If only she could touch me
Dont worry shawty dreams really come true
Just about to take off
Saw this girl go low
She can really let go
She's a pleasure to me even though she's your girl it doesnt matter to me
I'm Young Gifted!!
I Can't Wait Till I Get Up Close And Personal
Baby I See You Working It Out
Just Gotta Make My Way Through To You
Across The Room, I See You Across The Room
I See You Across The Room' Am I Gonna Make It
[Verse2:Stizy Stan]
Hey i see you across the room mama
Hey you looking so good mama
You got them nice heels
Nice dress
I see you working it out
So can i work with you
You looking fresh girl Champagne
All the guys in the club on a campaign
I don't campaign i just say my name
My name is stizy stan
Oh you like that
You in girl you want a drink girl
Should i think girl no its for the dance floor
YG said i can be your man though,handle,candle light me up
Hickie on the neck she bite me up
Get the shot for love.she spike it up
Its a two way thing relationship official
Across the room love you be my miss official
Step up in the club
Looking all swagged up
Shawty looking fine
Go ahead and tapp that
Tfac on this track you know im a superstar
Ladies going mad (yea) im a rockstar
See you across the room baby come closer
Show me what you got
Shawty gettin naughty
The times 5o'clock in the morning
The girl drop it low i ain't lying
NeckRoidz be the best team out here (boy)
Hit the bass now let the girls go wild
Tfac in the building keep your girls on a leash
Cause im the party starter baby don't forget that
Tfac causing all the trouble im the trouble maker
Evrything so bright i got the spotlight
Swagg be fly your girls mine tonight
Swagg be fly your girls mine tonight
Wassup Shawty
I see you
I see you working it out
Ima make you mine tonight
See the thing is shawty
I want you