NeckRoidz - Showcase Lyrics

Yall its the NeckRoidz up in this place
Got my hommie Tfactr,Young Gifted,Sizzle
We representing the SKT hommie
Its your boy Stizy
We the boys in town put your hands up
If you recognise talent put your hands up
We on(we on)
We on(we on)
[Verse1:Young Gifted]
Man would have ever thought
Man am flying hot
Im like a bullet shot
Im the new host
Yall rappers getting old
My heart is cold its cause a swallow ice
Man lie then women die
I know the lows and high
I have had to say goodbye like how MJ died
Im tryna be sensible
Im tryna be logical
My girl nd i invisible
We been through many obstacles
We have got a showcase its always and its perfect
You clueless like a saint boys
Thats ok
NeckRoidz on the toplist,billboards,forecast
Its Young Gifted and thats my conclusion
Somebody say showcase
Somebody say its your race
Im doin wat im doin cause you know that its my place
Yeah its Stizy flow so grizy
Showcased on this haters and they all went deasy
Step up to my swagger
Its like i am Mick Jagger
But man you a beggar
95 game called Sega
I got the steggar
No need to be a breggar
But bileive when i showcase its gone be mega
Came from a cage
Got myself a wage
Flew to the nation got a girl from Tage
Showcased a new page and it was on the stage
And look at me now got myself a range
Yeah we the tigers
Yeah we the ligers
Where you wanna go
Go behind us
Not beside us
We the NeckRoidz you make us wanna go big with the steroids
The show goes on so come on
Get it right two times
Goin they keep coming cause you know that im killing
Flowing on this beat so come take a seat
Cause i ain't talking lovey-dovey everbody tryna know me snitch
Moving closer to my goals
Go on lock the gates
Cause this show ain't stopping
Never stop ballin
Sitting at the top like its an illusion girl
I ain't no Magician to control you confusion
Yeah man its Young Stizy on the track
Tfactr,Young Gifted
SKT PRODUCTION thats how we do it man