NKalis - Catch Alight (Ft. LUES AX) Lyrics

I am that high
Watch me get air take flight
My girl to the left
A J to the right
Siren gonn stop me
911 pay bribe
I got the city on hold
I shape the city the mold
Got everything everyone every code
Only need you for my load
But i see you hittin the road
So i go after you
I go after creatured like you
Just to prove
Nothin else i need just you and the juice
Way to much to win
Not a fuckin dime to lose
I just need a little tiny bit of the goods
I heard that you give away
Depending on your moods
Honey won't you drop all them motherfuckin fools
Come down with me
Break ever single fuckin rule
Oh baby catch a light
Bust a move make me alright
I just need it one more time
In the Spotlight make you shine
Oh baby catch a light
So damn bright make em go blind
They dont need their god damn site
All your moves just meant for mine
Oh leather shoes
I got this tie
I pit on right
For you and i
Just us tonight
Lit by a light
I got this dubi
Youre new
Oh your names julie
Im cool with you and susi you do
Catch a spot
My left and right
Cherie on top
You can't decide
You can't decide
I say
No matter what you choose
You gonn be right
No matter if you loose
I know you’re tight
No sattle on this moose
I jacked the ride
You may have a lil problem with
My page
You may have a lil issue baby with my younger age
Maybe like a lil more experience
Maybe at that age
Start to question where and how and when and why the fuck to rage
Why the fuck we in a cage
Why the fuck we break out
Then head right back in the bay
Bro hooked on the layout
Hitch a ride down santa fae But waitin on the pay out
Rob a rob a bank
Take your girl out for a take out
Nono ain't a good idea
Kinda shit you think of when youve had a tad too many beer
But too often we are findin
We offer too much for career
And this light thats blind me
Man it gives me energy
Babe darlin move for me