Omid Walizadeh - Live From Tokyo (Ft. Aceyalone, DJ Drez, Luckyiam.PSC, Murs & Slug) Lyrics

Motion sensors, we the answer
Answering when I’m addressing
That’s a no-no
Over-confident when I’m in session
MURS and Seven Lucky I Acey l-o-n-e
Tightest North Americans
Arrogant to weaklings
I'm a bad dude and a great guy
And I don’t lie to the homies
When I spot the *****
I’m on top
And rarely ever lonely
Only knowing what they show me
'Cuz I never really trust ’em
I’m accustomed to the pampering
Slide through customs
To speak upon you MCs is discussions about nothing
I mean giving you that pub
Is like publicists for nothing
And that don’t happen
When I’m rapping keep your trap shut
And don’t act up and don’t act tough
Lucky nigga always calls your bluff, bitch
I feel like half of a man all in this foreign land
Living half of my life out of a touring van
Half a scam in my pocket
Half-cocked ready to rock it
And half of these fans probably wish that I would stop it
Slug’s too emotional, too personal with vocals
No room to be hopeful with a spoonful of chokeholds
Hold the issues, whether or not you like
That’s the rhythm of my life until you bitches drop your mics
Tight ropes, watch your step
My quotes, keep 'em wet
High low, no spot to sit
Just wanna breathe and be content
Stuck in the middle of a scream and a giggle
I dream in watercolor
Wake up to paint up the riddles
As little as you stand for, as much as you speak
I can’t believe the answers you keep
Between your cheeks
Tell you what
Just keep that fat hole in your face shut
Wait for us to give the word
And when it comes, raise up
In the land of Japan, but I'm not Japanese
I’m Nigganese and I out-rap MCs, so nigga please
Don’t give me no static, I’m a-u-t-o-matic
I rearrange and change the course of the force every time I spat it
Mon dai nai, one day I
Could say I rocked in every place that’s underneath these skies
And these guys that I’m with
They really don’t take no shit
This skill’ll hit you in yo dome just like a judo kick
Trains, planes, automobiles and skills
It’s hard to count the mass amount of all these caps I peeled
All these raps I build
All these tracks I killed
No fancy shmancy frills, life is fucking real
Tell it to your homeboys
Your homegirls and your cousins
We does what they doesn’t
CDs by the dozens
And one day you gon' recognize
Until then you will sleep
Shit is deep
Now take this song as something you can keep
What if I spot you, stop you, dropped and mopped you
Throw you in the corner and Rick Flair chop you
Like the Nature Boy
While you more like a little ass geisha boy
A replacement toy to my Buzz Lightyear: Space Ranger
I place anger
Deep within a sequence of events
To make you relinquish your common sense
I’m intense like a handful of flavor crystals
The shit I spit hits so close to home
Just like your neighbor’s pistol, aim and whistle
A soliloquy
You enemies
No sympathy
When I exert my energy
It’s like there was ten of me
And one of you
What you gonna do
I get down
Rip now
Quick now
Spit rounds
Right in front of you
Acey just blew your wig back
Now imagine when I’m running through
When gunning you with word play
"MURS ain’t as tight as he used to be"
I could give a fuck what them nerds say
I heard they love the cock
Like Silent Bob
A violent mob
A one-man gang that’s on the job
I’ll clobber you
I’ll bash you
Thrash you
I’m rad
The one who fucked your sister
Put a fist up to your dad and
Know it makes you mad
This fun that I’m having
These mics that I’m grabbing