Onirik Illusion - Without Wings Lyrics

Through the deadways
Of our reality
I made us in my thoughts, with wings
So that we can escape
From this disenchanted world
Closed spirits
No more stars in your eyes
Staring at the concrete ground
We forgot our dreams, our flights
We let our wings wither
In our day-long lives
Wings to reach a place
Far away from this world
Between the broken lies
Wings to fill the space
Kisses secretly unfold
And for our hungry eyes
Wings to taste the grace
From the air shining with gold
Wings, wings
When the mighty silences of our childish souls get lost in strange dances
From our secret reveries we will rise the pathways to celestial realms
Wings to fly away and touch the sky
Wings to smile again and reach the sun
Wings to live through and be a star
Wings to love
With wings
With wings
We could (x4)
Closed spirits, we let our wings wither