Osman A.D. - Dreams Lyrics

It's lonely and hard at the top
All these motherfuckers telling you to stop
Nobody understands the pain of the fame of the game
And nobody knows what you want
I'm tryna cash on my passion
Got no time for relaxing
Every word, every bar, every syllable I spit
There's a reason but nobody's ever asking
Everything I say
Did it all my own way
Said I'm always right and it still holds tight
But these haters still tryna put up a fight
Every word I say
Always right
Every path I pave
Flows so tight
You don't understand how I feel
The pressure, the demand, to keep it real
It's hard as an artist, no matter how fun
But I can't remember the last time that I saw the sun
Working all day, writing all night
Telling all these fake fucks what it's really like
You wanna live the life?
Go for it man
I'd never tell someone to bury their dreams in the sand
But these kids don't know
What it really means
If you wanna go for it you better be willing to bleed
And never ever stop
Let it flow til it clots
Then tear that scab open and make your blood hot
I wanna see your passion
I wanna see your flames
I wanna hear you tell me that you're living the dream