Our Native Daughters - Polly Ann's Hammer (Ft. Amythyst Kiah & Rhiannon Giddens) Lyrics

Polly Ann, Polly Ann
John Henry had a woman
Polly Ann, Polly Ann
When John was sick Polly drove steel
Like a man, like a man
When John was sick, Polly drove steel
Like a man, Lord, like a man
"Polly can you lift that hammer?"
"Yes I can, Yes I can
"I can swing it, I can strike it
"Harder than any man can"
When Polly had a small baby
On her knee, on her knee
Grabbed a hammer in her left hand
"Ain't no one as strong as me"
This little hammer killed John Henry
Won't kill me, won't kill me
This little hammer killed your daddy
Throw it down and we'll be free