Perp13 - Death Date Lyrics

Yeah we for real right now
Hol' up man we got this
Yeah we got this
Don't worry 'bout it
Yeah but we got this
[Verse 1:]
The day your off my mind would be the day I lost my mind
And the day they all start watching be the day I got no time
The day that I can't feel no more is the day that I go numb
And the day my heart would fall apart is the day my heart's a crumb
People goin' fake on me they holdin' me back for real
I finna open up
Oh no, they want me to keep it all sealed
1, 2, 3, talking ABC coz a bitch wanna keep it all pre for me
Huh, lil' bitch wanna keep an AC with me
Sneakin', Geekin', Squeakin', Peekin' on my fucking timeline
Coughin', Droppin', Poppin, damn lil' bitch we end yo lifeline
That's my death day
That's my death day
That's my death day
The day I die
The day I die
[Verse 2:]
Fucking up the program, damn I'm heated all the way
Heart beatin' everywhere, damn you hear it in L.A
Chillin' at the crib,you got me fucked up in the brain
Did some stupid shit, ain't no forgiveness, it's a shame
D-D-Do it on my own, don't need no help, bitch I'm alright
Flying like a hawk, I see it all up in the sky
Girl, you got me so fucked up I need to chain' my time
Girl, you be fucking coloring me outside the lines
The day I die
The day I die