Phill Evans - My Life (The Graduation) Lyrics

Y'all keep the fame, I love the fight
Working and grinding and shining my light
Doing my best to do it all right
All that I know is it’s always been hard
I came from the dirt, deep in the soil
At night was I cryin I prayed to the Lord
Help me to find a way through this all oh
I been down and out tried to count me out told me I would lose
Yeah yeah ugh
I was hella mad had me actin bad
Yeah yeah ugh
Used to throwin hands never had a chance
Yeah yeah ugh
Uh uh, let’s go
Switched up my steez in a night
Saw the green light
Yeah I was ready to ride
I had to give up my pride
Past had to die
Momma was praying to Christ
Lord help him learn how to fly
I know
He feels he despised
Help him to see why you died
Oh Lord
Then teach em to rise
Now I’m living good finally understood that I never been, alone
All the dirt I did every single sin Jesus paid it all, I know
Am I perfect now
Oh no
Getting better daily
For sure
Y'all really don’t know
Y’all really don’t know
Oh no
This the graduation I’m just making move
Watch the elevation I done found my groove
Grinding on the daily I can’t ever lose
Since I found the savior know that he renewed
My life hey
My life whoa
My life hey
My life my life
My life hey
My life whoa
My life hey
My life, my life, my life
Give me the pill im cold with the rock
Came from the ville where you can get locked
Off in a cage like you were livestock
I kept it trill and followed my blocks
I hit the hole
Ready to go
Shaking them boys right outta they socks
4th from the goal
Already know
Watch me explode like I jumped out the blocks
I kept real it from the start
Then they switched up I had to learn to move on
Now I’m way up like the stars
Drippin in sauce God still the chef of my heart
Thought I was taking a loss but oh no
These are battle scars boss
Learned not to chase after draws
Oh no
Protecting my heart work
I’ve been living good
I’ve been walking good
I’ve been talking good
You know
Yeah I know I could
Yeah you probably would
That don’t mean I mean should
Can't fold
I ain’t tripping if you got it
I’m just focused on my journey
Drippin sauce I’m bout it bout it