Phoenix Rosary - The Plan Lyrics

I can be the best that I can be
Running free, out the door
With my conscience off the floor
Give it a go
Opportunities coming for me
Let it roll all in
Open arms to my wins
Gotta feel it, feelin good
Rack the racks
Fuckin loads on my back
Got control of what I am
Understand in my world I'm the man (That's right)
Man coming with a plan
Problem solving man
Higher vibrates
He can concentrate
Getting what he wants
All that he deserves, word
My plan is
Doing everything for the cost of my youth
I do what I want
I say what I want
My plan is
Taking every moment in
Show the universe I'm grateful
Cutting off everybody hateful, ungrateful
My plan is
Tryna raise the vibe
Moving high with my tribe
No more snakes they outta line
I'm running mine
My plan is
Playing my cards to the endgame
Shit's insane
At death's road with this game
I got what I need
Get shots when I breathe
I'm planting the seed
For the tree? For the tree
My souls at a prime
Within was a sign
That I gotta get mine
Yes I gotta get mine
It's layed out
I just gotta take it
It's my play now
I just orchestrate
I fade out
When the leeches make it
So I run rivers
When it comes timber at nightfall
King of Dark is what I'm called
Make your mark
Make it run far
Happiness for the long haul
For the long haul
That's facts
And Imma leave it at that, yeah