PHONZZ - Overnight Lyrics

New Saint Louis Up In Here
They be askin if we on yet
No we are not on yet
But know that we are on it, on it, on it
Know that we are on it, on it, on it
I be hoping that it happens overnight, night, night
But we have to take it out the show me
And show em so they know me...
Show em so they know me...
Yeah, it's what I ask myself a lot I watch the clock and the time don't hesitate
I'm tryna innovate I see em all up in the city tryna renovate but they don't do it right
That's what I kinda hate and they put on fake persona's and say they're hotter than saunas
And I highly doubt that while at an all time low like a WorldStar Hood Rat
Remember that nigga from St. Louis that caught that good smack?
They making it look like we ain't really got that good rap
Just a bad rap sheet now they looking at me, like cmon 2 ZZ's
Gimme time all I need is time and a couple lines no crack though, woah
I dont' really have a back up plan for life and do I care no my rule is to live off this or die
Or touch skies like (Kan)Ye' so, so ahead of my time
I shoulda been said hasta luego
But I ain't really bout flauntin like that and I ain't really bout flossin' like that
Cuz either way you wanna be me, Skateboard P
I stole an alias... like it ain't his
Verse 2
PHONZZ for the win, I'm tryna campaign in the game
Champagne and the rangs they seem to have that
But they really kind of bought it, it's the end of December
But it really feels like August and everybody knows but nobody wants to knock it
Yeah everybody knows that they really kind of bought
Yeah everybody knows that they really kind of bought
15 minutes of fame that type of logic
When it all falls down they all gone be like damn nothing was long term
And nothing was turned down not that it's our turn but where the fuck
Is the crown? Too soon? I can't believe that...
No room? I can't believe that
In New St. Louis the new names do it
The culture ain't choose it they know what's up
We the new influence be with it or give up, uhuh!
[Hook x Outro]