Pink Lip Bastuurd - DMT xx Lyrics

I'm , gone like a muhfucka
Smoke strong like a muhfucka
Said that's alright ~
Getting high for the rest of my life ~
Tired of these mfs
Put fire to these mfs
Get high as a mf
Touch the sky on these mfs
Blew an 8th in abt an hr
Smoke grade like I climb a tower
But dont let me fall , most praises to the highest of all ~
We sippen on sum tea !
& rips from the bong
Swing frm a tree !
The King to the Kong
I really can't sLeep !
All these Molly in me , energy for a freak that I met last week
Driving fast - moving slow , drop the top then I creep
Demons creep in the soul of the body that you need
I was raised by wolves so who you really try a see ?
Gotta everybody smoking at the drop of the beat
Why you acting like you ain't try a get high
You been waiting for your whole damn life
It's not good , but it feels so right
That blunt there ain't yours it's mine . I can barely see yal thru these dark John Lennons
The lights real dim , so I'm seeing all dark women
It's pimpin in my passion
I've been limpin w my potnas
I've been passin out these blunts to these models
So I must gotta be .. Gone like a mf