PSC - Fuck Where Ya From (Ft. Jeezy) Lyrics

[Intro: T.I.]
Ain't nothing to ya, I see stright thru ya. Ho nigga
T.I.P. Mac Boney and Jeezy... ya underdstand that
Pimp Squad, Grand Hustle
Let 'em know shawty
[Verse 1: Mac Boney]
I'm from the South I'ont like no lame, you got a problem wit it then fight then lame
Pull your pistol out (pull it out), put your fist up (put em up)
Where your game face, nigga? you a bitch, huh? (you a bitch nigga)
I shoulda known you wasn't real
Got punked by a lil' nigga, tell me how you feel (how you feel, bitch?)
You ain't gutta, you ain't gangsta for shit
I coulda robbed you ten times, you should be thankin' your bitch
Only reason I ain't get you it's 'cuz she sucking my dick
I got news for these niggas who ain't down with my clique
I'm tattooin' pussy niggas with the butt of my clip
Knock your teeth down your throat make you swallow them shits
This ain't hip-hop nigga, this is drive-by music (drive-by music)
Somethin' to listen to while I load my Uzi
Choice, you can run or get shot, you better choose it
Got a brain in your skull young nigga you better use it
[Hook: Mac Boney]
Fuck where your from, it's all about how you come (your here now)
Fuck where your from, it's all about how you come (your here now)
Fuck where your from, it's all about how you come (your here now)
'Cuz niggas get they head blown off where I'm from (your here now)
[Verse 2: T.I.]
I'm a certified Westside nigga, (In the A)
I done survived where the best die nigga (we don't play)
Ain't in the game but respected by the vets
Ain't nothing changed still'll put eleven in ya chest
Don't think just 'cuz I got a seven digit check
That you can pop and flex and not consider Tip a threat
Sign, sealed and delivered, it's a bet
Might catch me all alone with two pistols and a tec
I'll shoot you now, spend a 100 grand on the case
He ain't wanna die, he shoulda kept his hands out my face
At the age of 15, I'm shootin' it out with grown folk
From Bankhead, Simpson Road, Zone 1 to Zone 4 nigga
[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
Who the fuck want what? You can damn sure get it
Fifty rounds, I'ma damn sure hit it
Niggas talk big 'til you see about them
Now his niggas in the hood gotta read about him
Yeahhh nigga, ya get ya issue here
Assault rifles, no pistols here
For playing with the bad guys
Have your partners wearing white tees like franchise
I'm here now and I ain't going nowhere
Carbon 15 tucked in my Rocawear (let's get it)
Pussy ass niggas, I got no love for ya
And if your ever outta line I got slugs for ya
You don't want me to get the streets involved
Or better yet, make a call and get Meech involved, BMF nigga
And you ain't straightening shit homie
It's CTE P$C whatup Mac Boney?