Reezy (USA) - Questions by Reezy Akazawa Lyrics

What is the purpose of a home?
Is it a place where you stay?
Yeah okay genius its not as simple as that!
A place where everything’s gonna be okay?
Nah I doubt that’s the appropriate term like
Well what should I say, It feels like my minds my home
The only difference is I keep on running away!
Verse 2 : Reezy
Yeah I'm running for my life now
Tears streaming down my face, I can't see clear
Like my eyes the vision is blurry
Funny ain't it, is this the end of my journey?
I always say you learn from each mistake that you make
But I tripped and broke my lens and went straight outta focus
Now ain’t I hopeless, Thomas sanders its story time
There was a quote in an anime that read
You help everybody else but who's helping you
Now ain't that true
I'm running a marathon and i'm reaching the end
But at the last moment I wake up in bed
To be honest id rather be dead
And just like a bad movie its anti climatic
Don’t be scared I ain't gonna die now
Because There's too much at stake to just drop now
Cause I promise the only thing im dropping is an ep
I'm clinging to every bit of sanity
Like oh the humanity
Every single person in this place is doubting me
But I ain't never gonna let them get to me
Eventually they will see that they can't get the best of me
Evidently, you will never find another person that works as hard as me
Interlude : Conor McGregor
There's no character, there's no character
That's who i am, i speak the truth you know what i mean
I like to have a little bit of fun as well, but its no character
If the cameras were here, if the cameras weren't here
Im still the same
That's why when i lost and i'm looking at all these people
And they're all celebrating my demise and saying i'm done
And this and it certainly litt a fire under my belly
Literally every single person doubted me
Every single fighter doubted me...
Doubt me now
Verse 3: Reezy
What is a friend
Is it a person that says that they care
But when you need em they’re not really there
Maybe im wrong maybe im right
Maybe I’ve been alone throughout my life
To the point that I don’t even know
Who's on my side, who's got my back?
Are they planning to help or just to stab me
Verse 4: Reezy
My life is a complex novel
Somebody please won't you bring me the shovel
Its like a pill that ain't easy to swallow
Are ya’ll ready to dance with the dragons?
I'm jon snow , I got stabbed by companions
I had a best friend for eight years
But it only took him a ten seconds to shed his skin
And bite the back that held his honor
Id like to say hey this is something new
Like oh my god I can't believe I trusted you
Like all I ever did was look out for you
But then you turned around like 360
Sold me out for 3 rand 60 cents
Should’ve had a 6th sense but nah
That’s Judas vibes
Who am I kiddin you know em well
But hey its you what should I expect
Outro : Reezy
What is a home what is a friend
Those are the questions
I've been asking thinking I might find out my answer
But like a empty hallway all I get is echos
Knocking on every single door
Trying to find an answer
But all I get is …static