Remy Banks - Inhale Lyrics

Different day, still the same shit
It's like using a different burner with the same clip
Or fuckin birds that's resembling your main bitch
It never adds up, cause it don't make sense
I'm tryna make a change, with the power of the dollar
Put my momma in house with a new range
Then position all niggas to become bosses
When we all each other's crutches, ain't nobody falling
No time for stalling, so we shift gears
'til we in something foreign from the next year
I'm thinking big, fuck it, my brain can hold it
Spittin' from the heart so these words are soul controlling
I could keep going but this is just an intro
Show how you my pen flow with my mental
I hope this reach everybody
Even niggas cruising with them bricks in the trunk of a rental
[Verse 2]
Coming live from the belly of the beast
Queens get the money, so I'm stackin' till we all feast
Like cartel bosses, up in a fortress
Matching Porsches, wife in the mirror lookin gorgeous
Look at us shorty we wrote our way to this fortune
But I'm nowhere near there so back to misfortune
Out for jay-z duckets
Hot boxing this fuckin' bucket
Chronic smoking till my lungs feel like they closed in
Solitary, no air for ventilation
I'm stressed out, but still tryna reach my destination
Gas tank is on E, yet driving like I'm racing
In a Grand Prix, just tryna live my dreams
Travel the world town to town
Out in santorini just to lay my verses down
World's Fair we global now
The illest unit from my queens since the unit (g-unit)
Killed a show with nas in London, I know my turn comin