Remy Banks - Let Em Know Lyrics

They wasn't expecting this, hell nah dawg I'm killin' em
Know someone that sound like me? Point em out and bring em in
Guarantee I'll wash em out, like tide on a stain or two
World's Fair the army, muh fucker I'm the general
Type of brotha that hotboxin' out the function
Smooth type of nigga, bitches still wanna fuck wit him
Either it's the smile or they know I'm bout to blow up
Thanks to them long nights in the lab getting worked done
Drinking henny straight dawg, never been a cris (cristal) sipper
Fuck the small screen, I always saw the bigger picture
This here's a Spike Lee joint scored by Hans Zimmer
A cult classic award winner in one Swisher
I be that nigga, thought I told y'all once before
And since y'all didn't hear me knockin, it's 4s to your door
I'm bout to blow this bitch down, bring the ceilings to the floor
Cause I got this shit jumpin from city to the shore
I be that nigga...LET EM KNOW!
Mannnnn I be that nigga! LET EM KNOW!
You know they wanna see you do your thing and rep the borough
Just be yourself my nigga, stay true and keep it thorough
[Verse 2]
Now is Remy Banks one of illest rhyming these streets
Is sporting life a muthafuckin monster on these beats
Been underground for too long, I'm bout to break the concrete
I'm sick of seeing wack niggas surface before me
Fuck it, imma just do my thing
And watch my compositions make these critics crown me king
Different places, different stages spittin' flames, like I'm Dhalsim or somethin'
Told my niggas "sit tight, cause that money bout to come in!"
They can't sleep on something this hot for too long
Roll wit us or get bumrushed, my squad too strong
I'm New York to core baby, live from the stoop
Smoking with my troops, wildin' till the break of dawn baby
Let's get it on, shit I came through to win it
Like Jeter for the pennant, my competitions finished
I'm the best out, ain't nobody fuckin wit my shit
Cause they cadence ain't like mine and they product ain't hot as this