Rob Weezus - Don't You Know Lyrics

Man I'm just sitting here fucking watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway," I ain't even...
...Rap? Alright
[Verse 1: Rob Weezus]
Don't you know I'm hanging with the quizzical bizzacles?
You can take this shit to court bitch, don't you know it's admissible?
And I like all the bitches whose nipples is twistable, lickable
So you better get back before this gets physical
So let's cut the umbilical and I'll make this shit musical
But before this gets trivial make it un-imitatable
These lines are fucking scripture, you could even say they're biblical
And my lock screen is my picture, don't you know I'm egotistical?
Apparent psychology makes me a non-parent prodigy
So I guess that my philosophy is selling these commodities
To every fucking kid who thinks that they're an oddity
Who hates on themselves constantly, and also smokes that brocolli
Haters know I'm awesome and their future is bleak
Seein me outside their moms room as I'm trying to sneak
Just trying to be quiet, this is no attempted riot
She just wanted some of that Weezus liquid diet
Give me a witness to just admire your fitness
When there really ain't no denying this here bitch's tight-lippedness
But surely enough it can not as quite as tight as I spit this
Cause I'm so hot I'm on fire and I'm burning your business
But i'm so off I'm a prophet who be stealing your profits
Just to show you're not messing with another modest novice
Promise to be honest just as long as you are topless
Irregardless I am jobless, but still got bills inside my wallets
Don't you know there is no reason taking shots at this?
I'll be at the show teasing like "Haha you missed!"
Don't you know I'm the reason that yo girls not around?
Dropped ABC, she meets me downtown
You find me insatiable cause I make it relatable
So that when you see the merch you'll buy yourself a tableful
Weezus blowing up, yeah my levels unsustainable, clutch
Gotta end it goofy so I say