Ruby Yacht - ​percentages Lyrics

Pass me the microphone
(Flippin' over the papers here, flippin' over the papers here, um, what did you say was the percentages)
Ninety-six percent of what I hear is wack
Half intelligent lyrics on a played out track
Save our souls, soul been saved since way back
I can dig some rappin' but this is the big payback
Let a man come in and do the popcorn
I don't know Karate, I don't know [?]
[Verse 1: Pink Navel]
Piranha plant's legs crawl up the whole body model, um
Alec Baldwin, Purple Larry, Kiddy coddled
Thought bottled for later, Peggy Hoo-ya I'm fondlin'
Shuffled brain, the way that I talk, I talk, I talk, I talk
Toggling on and off, my turbo switch
Grab my coffee like I earned a sip
Kid rapper, kid pop-culture analyst
I thought that scene was in the movie
Well, uh, just on the DVD release, at least
The TV edit screws the whole continuity up
But the ad with bean dad keeps the brew in my cup
It's that dunky dunk song I'm watching Dunkey dunk on
Hammond mains while I bar out
Collected info for my kinfolk, It'd up on this chart mount, ahhh
[Verse 2: Eldon Somers]
I'll email you all when I repatriate
We exacerbate any feels they let take shape
We take place in the world of [?] and Babyface
We [?] the .44 and the [?] straights
No canned heat in my arena
Cowrie shells and streamers, fall from the ceiling
As my Pops pulls up in the E30 Beamer
Adjust the Coca-Cola vodka [?] run the place up
Rock out, rock out, girl widen out your waistline
M-brizzle rockin' the fleece, post haste
Jerk tofu with soul and ginger for some aftertaste
Man them in Portland, Maine are discussin' the Stratham
Dave, imagine that [?]
[Verse 3: Joe Silence]
Yeah, Stratham, a little place north of the very south
Chefin' up a sauce I can [?] to the merry louts
Oh, that's a sure necessary [?] wit' your many doubts
Sortin' the pennies out, more to the floor but you're sure gettin' spendy now
It's more than already now, war with the dawn better go on to the jetty now
Praise to the Lord that we knew Serengti
Sage for the thoughts and the ruthlessly heavy
Straight to the floor, [?] and a bevy
You sold me out, for chicken and chips
Pretty bit of the sips 'til they're lickin' their lips, any witness submits
This is the wickedest ship, have we left now?
[Verse 4:]
I killed him myself, no emotions, just weariness
An alien environment is perfect for my experiments
If your mind feels overcrowded, I suggest that you peer in it
And scrub all of the cramped spaces for irritants
I know that tedium can be endured through the use of the drug
But, threatens to plunge into a permanent state of buzz
I'm not debating you cuz, I'm just, saying some stuff
'Cause I'm smokin' and meditating upon acres of dust
If you're an unclean thing, well I can't eat you, I'd be sick
I was cast out by a star system far more primitive
Partial agonist I admit, wild and tryin' to get rich quick
I rode in on that trading ship, big red ruby yacht, yeah you know the clique
Only need to bus just a few more klicks
Took a New York minute for these Olsen twins
Foreclosure properties into our ownership
All of it