Rukus - There Will Be Blood (Remix) (Ft. Razakel & SickTanicK) Lyrics

If you're gonna step up, be quick with your attacks
I'll leave you dead and looking stupid like [?]
This is fact not fiction if you think we got friction
Bring it on motherfucker, bloodshed's my addiction
Quit bitching and jump, or there's gonna be blood
I'll leave your body lifeless and face down in the mud
Understood, you get the picture, please get outta my space
Don't preach to the perverter I'll smack this book with your face
Won't leave a trace that validates within the first forty-eight
Just your own blood and guts, it's the result of my hate
In this state of confusion these illusions will illude you
Better pray for your life when the Rukus back in the studio
You can bet bitch, there will be some bloodshed
At the end of this session somebody's gonna be dead
Team Death and Mister Rukus causing bodily harm
I'm quick to beat your ass to death with your own severed arm
[Verse 2: Razakel]
We some Cutthroat serial killers
Got ya tied up, blade to the neck, yes, we will kill ya
Take a picture as you die and meet your final doom
Record your screams and then go masturbate in my room
Do you really think surviving is possible?
You ain't got a fucking chance bitch, we're unstoppable
Murder is our hobby, we love the bloodshed
So give it up to Mister Rukus and Team Death
[Verse 3: SickTanicK]
Bloodshed and brutality, forever set you wicked
It's Team Death with one half of Kryptik
We rip shit and stitch shit, our rhymes are so vicious
So shut up and listen to our brutal visions
Force-fed broken glass, face fucked with an axe
And your brain will splatter from the caliber blast
Yeah, it's Team Death with Mister Rukus
The type of killers that will snuff you out for the fuck of it