Rushden & Diamonds - Last Time Lyrics

DIAMONDS: I wasn’t used to all the stylish clothes you wear / you’d drive me crazy every time you’d do your hair / I felt so alive from the way you made me smile / too bad these things only lasted for a while / you used to call me everyday mommy / aye / but then you went another way mommy / aye / you used to want me to pay attention / aye / but now you get it on your own wit it / aye / I tried to stop but I couldn’t shake it / aye / the way I’m feelin’ it’s too hard to fake it / aye / I’d make a deal but you might break it / aye / The way it’s going there’s no way we’ll make it / aye / that’s how it is baby
HOOK: I get sprung from the way you move / and the way you drive me wild / but it’s gotta be the last time / aye / but it’s gotta be the last time / aye / can’t be us when I give you love but you kept it in denial / so it’s gotta be the last time / aye / so it’s gotta be the last time / aye
RUSHDEN: I used to be the guy that good girls would go for / pick you up at eight delighted at the front door / she was impressed how I dressed looking Roger Moore / Masarati coloured white right by the shore / you’re never knowing how it goes ‘til your on the floor / covered in roses chocolate drops and you might score / but then I finally saw the light and it started war / when did these girls get sour nasty to the core / these days I’m doing my own thing and I won’t change / everything I bought back to the Bon Marche / back to the Bay / back to the pawn shop / if I see you on my street I’ma call the cops / exotic rugs and vacations are for me now / I’m glad I see now / how it has to be now / the Mike life is perfect / if you want a last time then I think we better curb it
HOOK: Repeat
DIAMONDS: I can’t believe all the things that we used to / do together in your room as my first boo / you were renowned for your skills and I liked you / impressive manors on our date and a nice fruit / you’re never wanting things to change ‘til she meets the crew / then soon your driving in a Range filled with who’s who / off to the manor for a pool party in the nude / these kind of girls are not for one or even two / and so I made myself a vow on the album / what was the outcome / never give your pals rum / back to Rolls / back to private plane / the mile high club a figment of memory lane / British cars with the logo of a feline / New Zealand sweet wines / never do I wait in line / as a man of my stature I like cash signs / if you call me up boo it’s gonna be the last time
HOOK: Repeat X 2