Rushden & Diamonds - Toast To Business Lyrics

HOOK: Toast to business / toast to business / raise your bottle to the top if you’re down to win it / toast to business / toast to business / since the start of this year it's the perfect finish / toast to business / toast to business / raise your bottle to the top if you’re down to win it / raise your glass up to the top don’t stop it’s a celebration ‘til goes it goes pop
DIAMONDS: Call it full throttle / chandeliers and models sippin’ D’Usse out the bottle private jets to Colorado / it’s a celebration (let me see me your hands) / crowd participation (let me see you dance) / it’s a toast to business / Bentley on the spinners shootin’ hoops with the sinners at the Wynn in Las Vegas / Palomino loungin’ / pool party dippin’ never seen so many women look this glistenin’ in a minute / started independent never knowing what we’d get / now I’m flowin’ where we’re goin’ on a Diamonds private jet / If you’re in it represent / if you’re in it represent / I’ma pull back on the reigns just to drain a couple cents / if the club is over limit can I take your name / drive you off to Aspen just to rate champagne / the real baes wouldn’t second guess if it’s Venice / call the server like it’s tennis if it's time to toast to business
HOOK: Repeat
BRIDGE: If your chain is worth more than a plane time to celebrate for raking it in / and if you feel no shame or pain like novocaine congratulations cause you’re going to win / it's a very good time to shine and been alive signing deals in places you've never been / (these days just focus on simple things that made you such a tycoon dude) / toast to business
RUSHDEN: I’m just so delighted for the celebration / Stetson boots tailored suits and the guns blazin’ / calamari tan with the shrimp Cajun / I hope you let me be your man your just so amazin’ / Cinderella white with the glass slipper / a custom Zippo on the dash with the fast flicker / Michael’s here to party ever since I got an audit let me finish what we started / not like me to compete with most / hair keeps flowing like the movie Ghost / rock a white suit like I might propose / wear a three hair tweed with a whole grain oat / room keeps spinnin’ but I got this / bag of loose leaf if ya want this / ride through the city in an AMC with the gull wings out for the public / if you wanna jam / I can be your man / rockin’ coral new blue colored boots from Japan / If it’s what you’ve been wishin’ / raise another million cause it’s business that we’re toastin’
HOOK: Repeat