Russell Hill - Texas Rain (Ft. Dxreyso & Leighann Wolfe) Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah
Aye, Listen
[Verse 1: Russell Hill]
You've been feeling me, but I got bad intentions
You've been feeling me, but I got bad intentions with my self
You don't want to fuck girl, you made that clear
I'm just not into you
Calm down when you see me, calm down when you get here
Call me when you see me, call me when you get here
Don't tell your friends we're talking again
And I ain't check my voicemail in three months
I'm not trying to die frenemies
You're telling me the phone goes both ways
I see you with that nigga, I see you with your nigga from time to time
Don't act like you don't care for me, you care for me
[Verse 2: Russell Hill & Dxreyso]
Breathless, glasses, champagne in her accent
Marants on my lawn. run with my niggas they do me no wrong
I know some bitches from home, they come around when my presence is gone
I'm tryna stay light on my toes. I'm texting you shit that I never say sober
And the courage in my attitude firm, it meant everything when you said to come over
[Verse 3: Russell Hill & Leighann Wolfe]
And I'm not tryna pressure you in all the situations that I put you in
I was hoping we could talk it over something
I was told you didn't even fuck with me
Fire, fire only makes it stronger baby
Stronger baby, stronger baby, stronger baby
[Verse 4;]
I don't care
You're saving all our screenshots
Your friends gonna lead you wrong
They ain't gonna leave you alone, when it comes to me
I took advantage of this love
For a second I thought that I didn't need you
But you proved me wrong
The issue was myself
I don't see the real shit
I don't see that real shit in you
I don't see that real shit
I don't see it no