Sbuda Savage - Ass on Fleek (Ft. Sbuda Savage) Lyrics

I met this girl while my ass was still in school
Always acted slick and tried to played it so cool
Body for days that made a nigga fvcken drool
Making jaws drop dehydrating thirsty ass fools
Mzansi chicks are hot man they need some recognition
We've got some sexy ladies killin beyonce in partion
Ya dont know my nigga RSA has got talent
All these sexy bvtches almost thought this was a paegent
Kicking all these niggers to the fvcking curve
This guys like *so much bat* she replied like your a perve
You wouldn't believe the way some of these girls slay
Ass on fleek it belongs on a runway
Ass on fleek I couldn't leave i had to stay
Ass on fleek would tap that shvt like anyday
Ass on fleek (finna make this chick my bae)X3 X2
Verse 2
Ass on fleek finna make this chick my bae
This chick is so gifted her body make me go cray
Uuuh thick thighs big breasts standard procedure
This chicks got my heart man I won't be able to leave her
It ain't about bad bitxhes it's about the right girl
The type make you think, man the type that change your world
I told her I'm a savage and she said that she could tame me
If her body was her track then this chick would drive me crazy