Scroobius Pip - Dreaming Lyrics

She was like Venus De Milo only with a better smile though
Triple lip piercing lit the fuse that let my mind blow
Bright red lips, j-jet black hair
Holding her composure like she's really unaware
That she's drawing all of my attention with her movements
No matter how hard I look, I see no room for improvement
Low slung jeans made my mind begin to wonder
Revealing just enough form, man she's gonna take me under
So what's my game plan?
You know I really ain't got one
Too many ships sailed past in the night, I'm yet to stop one
I just float on by with the flotsam and jetsam
But it's got to better than the pain of rejection
It's the one thing in my life that I just keep repeating
As I approach a pretty girl I feel my brain retreating
Will I leave this situation with dignity and keeping?
Or fall flat on my face like Buster Keaton
But wait, there's one thing that might break the trend
Out the corner of my eye I see a mutual friend
I'm like "How's it going Ben, remember me from way back when?
Well maybe we could talk and introduce me to your friend
And maybe if you recommend me and maybe if she then befriends me
Maybe I will meet a girl that understands and comprehends me
Ahh, but maybe not. Maybe just, uh."
I'm dreaming...
Like Martin Luther King, I had a dream
But mine involved you and a tub of whipped cream
Wait I apologize. It ain't like me to be crude
The was a momentary lapse, a little interlude
It's just hard sometimes, making every line have meaning
When I turn on the TV and see the gold chains gleaming
Maybe I should buckle and spout commercial shit
But it's the fact that I don't that makes me Scroobius Pip
So back to the story, now two months down the line
The introduction went well and we shared all our time
We'd opened up and even shared the deepest of truths
She hadn't cried in weeks, I stopped looking for escape routes
Then bang as expected cracks did appear
And the kind of cracks that grow with paranoia and fear
Was it the theories in my head or the fairies in my bed
That made it scary when she said she sometimes wished she was dead
Whatever it was, there seemed so little I could do
I could help her, but in the end she'd have to help herself too
Over time I stopped whispering sweet nothings in her ears
And just watched them same glistening sweet nothings in her tears
And the more I watched the more it confirmed my fears
That even in dreams right and wrong is never clear
I'm dreaming...