Seb Harris - Fly Away Lyrics

Damn, can’t forget the times we lost
Can’t forget cold days in the frost
Can’t forget the dodgeballs that we tossed
I remember school trips quite often
I remember bus rides and talking
I remember friendships it was awesome
And I can’t believe you left so soon
Memories of blue skies in June
The last school days under new moon
My life changed come around september
Better days wouldn’t come, I remember
Hardest month of my life, maybe ever
We were just never effected
Back in middle school, it was only a section
I was confused, things never connected
But you were a friend, made me feel accepted
I never doubted a second, you live on this cross on my necklace
You live in my heart, respected, I wish we continued our connection [x2]
Spread my wings and I’ll fly to heaven
To see you on a dark moon crescent
I can’t believe this happened
Gone too soon, and this pain will never, end
Just fly away, just fly away
[Verse 2]
In the small town we live in
Nothing really happens round here
I never expected a friend so close
To be gone from my life, man, it felt like a hoax
The shock overtook me, my friends overlooked me
Tryna search for the help I needed, but I couldn’t and my health exceeded
When you lose someone so close to you
You break down in the middle of the crowd of few
Only few will cry for us, but a lot of the times no one cares for us
Felt like a lost soul screaming inside a crowded bus
But I’m not weak, and I’m not scared
I’m just telling you shit I been through
So you don’t make the same mistakes I do
I never wanna lose another friend like you
I just wanna fight this fight right beside you
Ali man I wish I could’ve been there for you more
But now I know you’re in a better place
I still go to bed and pray that I’ll never lose a loved one
Just know that you’re still deep in my heart cuz