Seb Harris - Soulo Lyrics

Figure it out, it’s time to figure it out
The force of my spirit stops me from thinking things out
I’m on the back of the bus, and I’m writing these raps
Back in eighth grade, planning how I’d relapse
Had some evil in my heart, little devil from the start
Tried to be the nice kid, but I tried too hard
Got the right mentality from my mom and my dad
But I couldn’t stand the world and the people I had
Missed misconceptions had me running for my life
But then I stood tall and had the strength to fight
Thinkin back, I skipped a lot of opportunities
Turned down offers, tryna battle insecurities
No one ever payed attention
Small little school, I never really got a mention
Carrying my notebook, teacher thought I wrote notes
But it was lyrics and poems, battlin demons, I wrote
[Verse 2]
Raw emotions started spilling on the page
Thinking that writing thoughts would get me out of my cage
Kept the pen to the paper, feelings getting deeper
My mood wasn’t boosting but my ego’s getting eager
Knew rap was my passion, had the speakers to blast it
New woofers in my car but had no seat belt to fasten
Since the age of 6, I’ve taught myself to sing
It was only until now that I could finally hold a ring
Improving my chorus’s, voice is more forcing
Growing through music, the strength of metamorphos
R.I.P to Mac Miller & to Young X
Gone too soon, you never knew your effects
And Rest In Peace, Peep, an inspiration for many
Only kept improving, now your voice is a memory
One thing certain is the death of legends
You never know the moment, it could be any second
[Verse 3]
Not only until recently, started facing my fears
Talking bout my feelings to my teachers and peers
I had it really rough, fast foward 17
End of the year, things weren’t really how they seemed
Things took a turn, and not for the best
I started throwing up and feeling pains in my chest
Just thinking about what the day ahead would bring
Traumatized and scared, it’s all that I could think
A mild September night, talking to a close friend
The night I heard those helicopters fly overhead
I thought nothing of it, put my phone down and slept
Not knowing the next day, all my friends have already wept
The brother man died, earlier that morning
An accidental shot had the whole town mourning
Social media held the high prayers floating
I know Ali’s up there, flying high and soaring
[Verse 4]
So here’s my soul, I’m writing to you solo
Call it Soulo, cause I talk about god mo’
And how I’ve been saved, and how the blessings have came
Directing my life to a happier place
And putting my mind on a steadier pace
I think about how I, don’t have to hide from the chase
Bank account is clean and my eyesight is clearer
No more suffering, and no more pain either
I think that I made it, I think I found my path
I’m excited for the day, I wake in a laugh
Compete with a smile, don’t forget to be wild
Live for a while, don’t miss your chances right now
I use rap to vent, an easy tunnel for my thoughts
It’s better than caving and keeping em trapped in a box
So I hope you shed a tear, cause this song is for you
And I hope you cracked a smile, cause this song is for you