Shadowcast - Mindgames Lyrics

For things to come...
Leaving some outer memories
For things to be done...
Don't you stay, far away...
Life is the trial of something I don't even understand
More and more things happen always different as I planned
I'm on the highway to nowhere, where things are different any way
Take me to another planet, take me to a rainy day...
What if all your lifestyle ended up for tomorrow
Would you scream out sorrow?
What if there was an exit for you to go
Would you take a silent road?
Don't you know you are asking for being in form...
And you keep on requesting putting inside the norm
You feel that every thing is taking part
No-one should ever escape
Sometimes it really makes me wonder - what can life be about?
Is it just the way of nature to be entering in and out?
Take me further on your blackened wings bring me forth another dream
This is a neverending story within another daylight-beam