Shadowcast - No Man's Land Lyrics

Every breath I take a night makes me me lose some more delight
Every story has an end and there's no way our lives extend
Every sorrow starts to grow when I let my feelings flow
Is it truth, is it pain or fear?
It comes all down and seems so near
I wonder if you will understand
I welcome you to - welcome to no-man's land
All seems wastes up for sure and there are wounds that should be cured
Fate and fiction I neglect, senseless words that I detect...
Can somebody tell me if some silence is near?
Or if it's only a vision and I don't see clear...
What do you expect from me, what do you want me to be?
Implications of change, filtering your thoughts to be free
Did you ever think of what's behind that door?
Did you ever find the things you're looking for?
You never tried and you never expand
I welcome you to - welcome to no-man's land...