Simken Heights - Deteriation Piece Lyrics

Bliddy bliddy bliddy blane bliddy bliddy blane
[Verse 1: Cap One]
The west side gots the drama
So I'mma grab my Glock
'Cause the neighborhood runners in the hood got it hot nigga
And ain't no love for those that want to jump up
And get their serve on in the spot that I pumped up
I takes no losses
In fact I never shells out
I handle my business with hollow points then I bails out
Then I moves on the Shepard Street
Four deep in my Jeep
Now I'm on the creep
I got the rocks, the Glocks
Floating in my smoke box
Comin' from the state that make you drop it like it's hot, fool
You best to clear my path as I loads up
17 shots in the Glock for the holdup
And when the lead hit your body tell me do it burn
As you lay on the concrete your body squirms
They called the paramedics
But I don't sweat it
They arrive on the scene
And try to give you anesthetics
And CPR but they're running out of time
As you take your last breath
Your body's stiff then you flatline
Now death takes control, to lose hope
'Cause steppin' on my toes
The result is gun smoke
Blast, blast on that ass
Lead rain, I'm insane
And I love blood and guts
Or blowin' out brains, yeah
And I won't hesitate to take a motherfucker's life
Deteriation piece, nigga
Simken Heights
[Hook: Mass] (x4)
Screamin' bloody murder, screamin' bloody murder
(kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em)
Screamin' bloody murder
[Verse 2: Mass]
Screamin' ass did slay
And leave it all to dust in the midst of the battle
Demonstrating complication
Hypnotized by the fire from the cannon
Here comes release
Taking the body in a devastating way
Burning in a storm that still will create
The holder of this will respond and destroy them
Now they decease
See him coming at him in a frenzy of powder
Reaching his target in a final situation
Silent on the hit
That's the method of the Beast
Now the body is ready for deteriation
Running for cover
Running for shelter
Running to stay alive
Running to believe
Only to be caught up in the possible, to escape the heat
Now they bleed
He see them in the scope
And now he make it cause emergency
After the incident nobody stands tall
Very indecent so when they stumble to the ground
They feel pain
When they fall
Tearing in the cavity while blowing out the organs
And sending the receiver to be judged by Christ
Coming at him at a speed that he can't imagine
And now he digs 7 holes for another sacrifice
[Verse 3: Cap One]
5-0s on my trail and they wanna try and stick me
Rooty-poots in the hood
They wanna try to dick me, nigga
I try to maintain and keep my head right
Take a hit of Hennessey then I commence to light
Twelve blunts of young skunk, and I'm on
Hallucinating Desert Storm
Now here I come
After the fools come in short with my loot, troop
I take them rooty-poots and dip them up in cement boots
Next stop, Lake Michigan and drop them in
As they sink to the bottom they lose oxygen
Retaliate on they crew up in Pinebrook
Infrared on that ass
Another life's took
I gots the lead, the ammo, and the buckshots
Leaving dead bodies lying in the parking lot
Murder One, I'm a killer not for hire
Tie 'em up, leave some water and some live wire
Then I torch a motherfuckers that ain't no make a sound
Electrocute with many volts 'til they crispy brown
Your best bet is call up the military
To get some help 'cause this shit is gettin' scary, fool
You don't believe me, take a look at this hostage
Put a 9 to his head, now bitches watch this
Pull the trigger, now you know that I'm insane
From head to toe my body's covered up with brains