Simple Grim - Story of a Boy Lyrics

(I was born with a peculiar trust for people)
But I didn't know that some of them were evil
(But I didn't know that some of them were evil)
Innocence contaminated, love deceitful
(Innocence contaminated, love deceitful)
I've got my own struggles, I don't need yours
(I've got my own struggles, I don't need yours)
I'm home here in this broken world
I'm beaten and battered
And my spirit reflects the matter of this planet
It's shattered (that's right)
Many days, I don't feel beautiful
I feel like dirt
Under your feet
And it's a struggle just to find my worth
And all I do is mess up (all I do)
I hate this scrutiny
And 'cause of that, I find myself thinking
"What's God wanna do with me?"
I'm a wreck
With needles in my heart, it is written
And the child inside feels like a villain, not a victim (I do)
Everybody says that they understand
Stop pretending
I'm full of pain and anger
That you can't comprehend
Head full of words that never go away (never go away)
Try to forget them, but they manifest up in your brain
Mind full of ghosts that haunt me when I sleep
Predators when I'm dreaming that're steady preying over me
A pit in your life where someone crashed a devil into it
The emptiness is there
They gave you death and they knew it
You think it's nothing 'cause you've never seen a cut at all
You think it's bluffing 'cause there weren't a single touch involved
But what's it all about?
It's unresolved
None recall a sound
But the deaf could resolve the doubt
'Cause the death in the room is so plain to see
How every perverted word, noun, and verb estranged me
But somehow I'm still deranged and crazy
But if that stuff never happened, then why am I so fucking angry?
Come on, cut me again
Like a shop diamond (come on!)
You've done it before, huh?
Stop lying
Want me to start taking shots?
I won't stop firing
Till I bring this burn to a close
Like a hot iron
Look at this little boy, and you're annoyed
Saying I'm the one that's been fabricating the Polaroid (think again)
This ain't a product of Freud
It's a product of verbal swords being a pain in my butt like a hemorrhoid
And now there's blood in my hands
There's blood when I cry
'Cause all I see is pain
And the blood fills my eyes
To be honest, I don't believe this playing field is level (nah)
It's hard to hear a whisper over the shout of a devil
Stop telling me I'm falling short
Quit it, I get it
Don't you dare give an excuse to take my happy and strip it (don't you dare)
I'm just trying to survive, man
I'm tired
I'm just trying not to die, man
So hold your tongue
Matter fact, make it glued inside (yeah!)
Hold your breath till your blood is all blue inside (yeah!)
'Cause the same words you say mean nothing when you spray them at me
Are the same words that echo when plotting my suicide
I'm just a little boy fighting in a grown man's war
And all I got's a tin foil shield and cardboard sword
And that ain't much to keep my paper heart from being so haunted
I'm still a kid in my eyes, and I just want to feel wanted
I just want to feel wanted (x4)