Slave To The System - Slave To The System Lyrics

A change is necessary, a better nation's in the air
All around you vicious barracudas tearing out your back
A sleazy manifesto feeds the revolution that you lack
Dirty hands are itching, dirty eyes are glowing in your path
Weasel minds are working, dreaming dollar signs that last and last
Promising the sky chasing the ambulance of plastic life
Smiling as they tie you down The deal is done, the rope is tight
They light the fires inside your brain
And what it is I can't explain
You must believe in all you do
That better days are coming soon
So open up your very soul
And lay it out, they will behold
And if you do, you'll never be
A slave to the system
Speak in quips and phrases cryptic and distinguished heart and soul
Now the backs are breaking, feel the pressure and do as you're told
Crawling out of corporate vacuums now they've got you by the balls
Just another blackhole for believers like yourself to fall
Now the world is listening, tell them something that they may not know
The minions and their grand delusions always come and go
We're beaming down by satellite this guerilla warfare point of view
Manipulate the monster before it brings a change in you
We're all slaves
Slave to the system
We're all slaves
Slave to the system