Western terrorism ( VOL.1 ) Oppressed Palestine
IT’S A HEART of man not a heart of a stone
Happening everything near ma eye for the sake of a crown
Of a mother of a man WHO PLEADS FOR HIS LIFE
But a Devil in front of him who mocks and Ends his plight
It’s a land of Muslims gotta name of PALESTINE
It’s better if I change it with the name of blood line
Here people are starved of food and deprived of sunshine
Hey devil you can’t suppress our fight by cutting our life line
It’s a REOLUTION which has already begun
Not against the forces but against whole of sources
You were proscribed to come in our land
Then what’r u doing here WITH GUN IN YOUR HANDS
Got our homes spilled by your BOMBSHELL AND MISSILES
Ma gosh will do same with you i challenge you Israel
Galvanised ba principles of ISLAM AND HUMANITY
Strong critics of Israel America you can call me AS YOUR ANTI
You can’t make us bother BA KILLIN’ SISTA BROTHER’S
Don’t you remember your sons and your daughter’s
Can’t collapse like a wall BEING TRAPPED IN A BLUNDER
Propelled ba your acts now WHY YOU CALL ME A BOMBER
Your crimes on us we know you can’t be prosecuted
Coz institution like UNITED NATIONS are yours deputed
Having so much power in your hand in your grip
A horrible war crime was done in Gaza strip
By isrelian army who arrived with their war ships
Killed every innocent who came in front of them
Not even spared little babies and kids
Ma chest burns out hearin’ cries of a mother
Who lost his belief and tauramatised ba disorder
Hospital full of corpse and eyes full of tears
Every one in Palestine livin’ their life in fear
Whole world has turned blind to the cause which is clear
Ain’t no body alive to fight against the iced
These are those people who crucified Jesus Christ
It’s our land and it’s our legacy
Will lay down our lives for this land coz we are crazy
Made their lands a rich man vision
By making Palestine a poor man prison
By blocking our aids ba takin’ our lands
Now no more injustice coz I’m gonna mad
I will take a shit and wipe it wid their flag
Lost many brother who were not been so younger
I’m a revolutionary motivated ba ma hunger
Propelled ba your acts now why u call me A BOMBER
For one isrealian death THEY KILL 25 PALESTANIANS
Revealed ba your NEW YORK TIMES shit on you isrealians
Making terrifying scenes of slaughtering son’s and mom’s
No mercy on these people still throwing their bombs
Quest of mines to every human of this world
Jus open your eyes otherwise devil will take hold
Preacher united nations jus stop preachin’
Coz u are their puppets im nt gonna listen
Palestinians forwarded demand of STATEHOOD BID
Every time they reject to get out of this rid
In front of every1 talk eradicating evils
But at the back door policies not less than devils
Attacked many countries for sake of WAR ON TERROR
Bullshit on u lair it was to get their oils
Made their lands a safe man heaven and
Destroyed many lands like a ghost dragon
Propelled ba your acts we are bound to resist
Ba converting ourselves to BOMBERS AND EXTREMISTS
Later came to know that u tagged us TERRORRISTS
Free Palestine is what I call ma dream
Let these people live like an ordinary human being
Weapons and armours take away all these shits
Every 1 please come forward to end this conflict
Join this revolution which I have already lead
I swear to god that i will fight till end
That day i will stop when i will be dead
FREE PALESTINE the word let we spread..........................
The word let we spread
The word let we spread.......................