Social Anxiety - Catatonia Lyrics

Hey baby, can’t you see that I’m a plague of the ancients?
In this life I have worn the mask of one million faces
But I’m just like everyone else, wearied and anxious
These catacombs echo the thoughts of a thousand dead
But all the corpses and skeletons hang out in my head
Hey baby, can’t you see that I’m still cold and catatonic
With a flow and vocabulary that borders on neurotic
You sold me euthanasia with the hopes I’d be your savior
But I’m no son of god; I wasn’t born in a manger
Hey baby, can’t you see that I’m still battling death spells?
Even when I’m happy, my head is still a living hell
I’ve settled for a life that distracts me from myself
The thoughts that keep me up at night leave me overwhelmed
I’m the better part of valor painted a shade of pallor
You’ve turned me pallid as we watched the summer rain showers
I found the devil when I dug way down deep
It turns out this whole time he lived inside of me
I found the poet that was searching for sleep
He was clinging to the words that paranoia freed
I’ve walked this fine line between death and sobriety
And it didn’t get me anything but notoriety
I’ve painted the sky red with angered threats
But what does it mean when the only road left is death?
I’ve tried so hard to get to the bottom of me
But I’m like quicksand; there is no end underneath
You all keep trying to tell the world I sing
But I don’t sing I scream until my throat bleeds
Hey baby, can’t you see I’ve made a mess of me?
But if I’m a sinner you must be my christening
I’ve got the darkest of habits and pen that ravages
It composes symphonies that fight like savages
My heart is a sepulcher where angels roam
Keeping watch over the demons you turned to stone
There’s beauty in the chaos that constitutes my mind
My head is battlefield scarred with landmines
Happiness is a warm gun filled with blanks
And there’s a pain in my chest where my heart got shanked
Accompanied by the noise of one thousand engines
And television static that can alter perceptions
I will make the earth quake while you all sit and pray
Cuz you’ve never ever heard music done this way
The distortion in my head is a symptom I crave
And the delusions in my mind keep me enslaved
But at the end of the day everything is okay
Because you calmed the voices that lead me astray
With a flick of the wrist you brushed away my pain
Because we both know that agony is so passe