Stackridge - Marzo Plod Lyrics

For he would not catch a bus to ride
And his mouldy dungarees he'd worn for forty years
The only liquid he consumed was frozen beer
Old Tinlips was his friend
When they joined the boy scout's jamboree
They destroyed my brother's charity
And together they disected several cardboard slugs
Marzo kept a few of them in greasy mugs
Oh Marzo! Oh Marzo!
Marzo when a boy would delight in all adversity
For he would not leave the nursery
He was most annoyed to find he could not spell his name
The letters must have fallen down a local drain
He wandered to and fro, in the midst of blissful ignorance
He observed a constant vigilance
Purple Spaceships used to land on Yatton Bowling Green
Marzo fried the aliens steel-plated beans
Oh Marzo! Oh Marzo!
Marzo in the streets, used to thrash his rhubarb frantically
While his left arm was tied to his uncle's knee
He would pick his speck of pepper from the morning dew
He even washed his overcoat in compost glue
For no-one would believe he was born in 1563
Yet he's the youngest of his family
His father still is working for the C.I.A
Marzo is the strangest man alive today!
Oh Marzo! Oh Marzo!