Staunch - Gaoled Lyrics

Every lie is salt in the wounds
We all know you got to get by
But those methods will leave you high & dry
How long can I do this for?
Feeling like there's nothing more
Torpid state, can't relate
Apathetic, life's mundane
Just another day of feeling drained
Shaped you, now your chained
But if it doesn't matter to you it doesn't matter to me
We both got different views on how actions speak
I could waste my breath, trying to make sense
But the rest is best left unsaid
Twenty one that's when I thought
What's the point if joy can't be bought
You said it was a foolish dream
That's when I realised you're not like me
Dollar signs blind your eyes
Oblivious to own demise
You're a slave but don't realise
Gaoled by the coin for the rest of your life