Swordfish - Favorite Clothes Lyrics

I don't think that we can synthesize
Until you're as empty as I feel on the inside
But I've been there before I know how it goes
There is distress in your voice intonations on phones
And you start wearing holes through your favorite clothes
They're familiar, they smell like, not being alone
And I haven't clipped my nails so the first thing you'll feel is sharp
And while we're dancing in the shadows
Embrace my fear of the dark
Cause there's these things that you do and the things that you say
And the way that you feel and you make me okay
And I know that I can't be dependent on you
Cause one day you'll be gone and I won't know what to do
And every time I digress I put myself in a place
And if I stay there too long I can't remember your face
The colors, the contours, the flush of your cheeks
The way that I slept and the grinding of teeth