Synchro - Born in California Lyrics

You're enrolled in a full time informal school called life on planet earth.
every person or incident is the universal teacher. let me repeat that.
every person or incident is the universal teacher.
there are no mistakes, only lessons.
growth is a process of experimentation. failures are as much a part of the process as success.
a lesson is repeated until it is learned. it is presented to you in various forms until you learn it.
then you can go on to the next lesson.
you will know you’ve learned a lesson when your actions change.
Based on this practice.
there is no better than here. when you there becomes a here you will simply
obtain another there that looks better than here.
others are only mirrors of you.
you can not hate or love something about another unless it reflects something that you love or hate in yourself.
your life is up to you.
life provides the canvas, you do the painting.
you always get what you want, your subconscious rightly determines what energies, experiences and people you attract.
therefore the only foolproof way to know what you want is to see what you have.
there is no right or wrong, but there are consequences. Moralising dosent help, ??? P..ers in place.
just do your best.
born in california…
wow…what a rush.
on the outside, you can see the difference. on the inside, you can feel the difference. feel the difference.
catch you later.