T-Dub - Top Dog Lyrics

Man, hear this
It's coming down with a b—
[Verse 1: T-Dub]
I have a big rap for the big tap
Everybody knows its coming down in a map
Because I'm T-T-T-T-dubs
I don't care what you've got to say
My plays is gonna play I'm amaze at the maze
I'm gonna hit it down like the top dog, top log
My boy E.T., he might be big but he's gonna see
What's going down with a big crew
Man it's gonna see my petes up in this seats
And I'm gonna need a big meat
I'm going down in the town making it all round
Man, I earn my money and I play it right
Cus it's gonna be tight
Man it's so easy to play with the mays
Everybody knows it's gonna go OK
Man you wanna make it cool you wanna make it swood
Man I'm gonna fly over your head like the big bed but I'm not gonna make you red
Cuz I'm the cool dog on the block
And I'm gonna show you what's up out of the shot
Man you can't meet this cus it's coming down like a big diss
It's gonna be okay cus it's coming down with the ray
Man James has a big rain, a big taims
He's so mean what's up and when he comes down with the tup
Man I have my ways to save
Alpena is a big place in a little town
It might be seem so little but it's gonna be for real
Because it's gonna come up outta nowhere
Come up and show you what bear
Man I'm gonna be the top dog
Man some people say they come from big places
Well I come from a small place that's called Alpena
And I'm gonna show you what's a real up
Man my boys cum all over the place
But I'm coming from Alpena cus it's gonna be arena
Man, They have a big teams of the big memes
Man I'm gonna show you welds cus I'm the new rap artist with the sup
Man everybody knows it's coming down like their foes
My foes might come up, my enemies might ego tough
But I'm gonna knock em all out with one hit
Cus it's gonna sit on em with a big tit
Man everybody knows a tatta-tat-tat In the tatta-bat-bat He gonna be the ratta-rat-rat
Man everybody knows it's coming okay because it's gonna play everything is gonna be okay with a big stick
Man everybody think their knowing what it's the going in the toilet
Man I'm sorry for my life, been all mess
But now I've gotta confess it's the best of the mess
Man I'm gonna show you what I'll be the big D
What I can say what I can play
Because I gotta stay in a big way
This is T-Dubs on the mic and he's gonna make it hot tonight
He doesn't care who you're going with he's your girlfriend
Because he's gonna have the best day in the town because he's going down in history
Now he's not gonna be a mystery
Cus everybody knows he's gonna be the tistamy
Cus he got the histamine of the big Listerine
Cus his name going down in history
Man you can't beat this cus he's going with the eagle, no not the seagulls
See he hit your beagle, and then they going to fly like a tweagle
You like those twinkies?
Well I like those big tacos with the winkies
Man you can't go flying
Man see ya later
Cus this is T-Dubs, haters