Taj The Oddity - Don't Believe The Hype Lyrics

Sense I been in love with the nigga in the mirror
Me and my crew grinding hard Tryna get it
-Basic. They don't get us so you know they gone fear us
We all about business. Fly and fitted
They Tryna join the ligament cuz they know we born winners
Filled with enigma. Too big an individual to fit in
All out of line like kindergarten children
Used to laugh at me for coloring out the lines
Now they see me shine. All cuz my picture so vivid
Never seen a nigga paint a picture so different
Everything you done, I already done did it
Claim you original. Replicating depictions
Just quit it. You claim you so dope. That's fiction
(You claim you so dope and that's fiction.)
I don't believe the hype, no, no
I don't believe the hype, nah, nah
All a nigga ever really do IS me
All these niggas ever do is IMITATE me
All these SPECTATORS watch and try to change me
But the ONLY person I could ever be is ME
Clique full of soldiers. backpack full of doses
Pocket full of dollars I'm a motherfucking vulture
I'm supercalifragilisticespialaDOSES
My mind most potent
Lil nigga with the potion
And they hating hard tryna knock a nigga off his lotus
I'm tryna get cheese like focus
As I supersede the lower human beings
And they make believe notions
They don't really understand so they try to stand on me
Damn, it's all good. All good
I gave em god best way that I could
I give em grind like tony 'nem would
And fuck it. They made me numb like opium would
Dumb niggas follow trends. No dome of their own
They want my chromosomes
But I'm too me to be cloned
And they all sound the same like homophones
Couldn't show me a dollar, but talking bout what they pockets on