Tales Of Darknord - Nonsense Lyrics

About nonsense of Darvin tales
You listen legends about humanism
Of people and society. Your mind is dreaming
My ears twist from disposition
I feel the alien information
We loss the sensible fulcrum
History turn into dead time
I wanna be free!
You get used to intrude
One's views upon me
You think that only your
Opinion is right
We'll fight till obliteration
God give me a scale for blood
Make a war with nature constructions is
Make a millions grave-yards
What's the aim of the human creation?
Troopers of death isn't for life!
Sick any virtue on the crucifixion
Rape all the sergeons! You're Gods!
I give the lie to your foolish mind
You know that life with energy
Is better than oilstave
You won but wrong. I can see your bones
The masses of worms. They swarm in torso
Of big and decayed houses without any hopes
You cry! Across the door in madness eyes
You see the war by life and light. You roar
You roar!