T.A.V - Who's That by T.A.V, GD Singh (Ft. Harnav Bir Singh) Lyrics

[Verse 1: GD Singh]
See when I came in this world, nobody told me
That I was gonna be a sikh, me & my homie T-A-V
We got the turban on no C-A-P
& we comin' on the B to the U-LL-E-T, se what I got in me
Are the genes of the man who came from the bottom
Still I plan to be on the top, so they'll be recognising Sardars
With my Dastaar, Chardi Kala
Sada always climbing with everything I got
And ya'll can say I don't good look I'm not buying it
I'm a sabat soorat sikh, I'm not shy with it
I feel like a king being crowned when I'm tying it
Give my life for it and I'll die in it
And when I come back, I just wanna be me
A sikh who wanna live without losing his identity
[Hook: T.A.V & GD Singh]
Turban on my head, full grown beard
Striving for truth, the way I should
When we come through, everybody's gotta move
I got nothing to prove, I'm with my waheguru
Everybody's looking Who's That
I'm a sikh, move back
Forever a sikh, I'm born to rule
My mind khalsa & my heart waheguru
[Verse 2: T.A.V]
Ok look at me now, do I make you look inferior
How about me learning myself since 23 years
We're born to rise & smile we got no free tears
You wanna be like the sheep or the volunteers
Ohhh, so you choose the volunteer life
Make yourself comfortable, we goin on a smoothest ride
Sit on my side, drop your pride & then decide
The soul is the preist & the god is my guide
I'm a sikh in a forming till I'm a sikh informing
About the life I'm performing that wasn't part of my learning
When I was in college, attended my fall age
They taught me nothing to life
The percentile sets the frame of my knowledge
Its not a way to judge a man
We're sikhs we got a different plan
Its about the spiritual life span
The kaurs & the singhs are the part of this fam
I'm the lion, she the princess
Look how we different
[Shout-out: T.A.V]