Teflon - My Will Lyrics

When you can't trust, any or everybody, y'knahmsayin?
You gotta keep your head above water
It's a lot that go on in these streets
But God forbid, if it happen, I leave behind
To you, my legacy
[Verse One: Teflon]
Just in case worse ever comes to worse, let me first
Spread love to my Dunns, through the whole universe
First of all, give Ma Dukes any and all
Worldly posessions at my discretion if I fall
Give my little sister a kiss, and a hug
From her brother with love and if she scream tell her this
Your big brother scrammed to the motherland
Witcha other brother and, Grandpa Duke they watchin over you
Stay out of trouble, do your chores, stay clean
And when you turn 18, all my publishing is yours
Give Grandmoms, this recital from the Bible
It's the holiest for those who know me this is kind of hype
... it's my will
[Verse Two: Teflon]
To my M.O.P. Firing Squad, firing hard
Here's my retirement card, kid I'm at the exits
Give Bo the dark Dutches, so he can puff shit all day
But always remember me up in your sessions
Give Flip my body, give Bill and Fame my blood
Give my sons my guns so they can give my foes, my slugs
Give my fat cousin Stack the loot, give Jack the boot
Whoever thought my raps was fat, give a salute
Give my nigga Nore real money to feel for me, son he rep
Even on the real stormy days, he still saw me
Even give the peace sign to lil' man, cause yo kid
When we was facin a bid, he never squealed on me
Give my Wizzy all my royalties, that's all you need
My hold down, let it be known you always had my loyalty
I give my back to all whack niggas that sass
And at last, give that nigga Cat some gas
... it's my will
[Verse Three: Teflon]
My will still increases, Nataysha, Dayja, Shania
Camille representin Brownsville, those my nieces
Nephew T'La Quallah, buddha bless you
Give these seeds to knowledge that they need, cause they special
Hit Nataysha with the strong box with the long stocks in it
Farewell hon, I'm gone with your pops
Give my sister-in-law Joyce the top choice selection
Between the Lex and the Rolls Royce
Give my cousin Robin, who was always on the job
When I was locked the contract I got, give her stardom
To all the families that was ruined, by death and disease
Please know that I'mma give my heart to 'em
Give Blaze and Relativity the thanks for givin me
The bank and the fame to put my name in the ranks
Well, I guess that's just about all to tell
But long as I'm livin, yo I'mma give 'em hell
... it's my will