Tek - Quartered Lyrics

(prod. îota & Edo Lee)
[Verse 1]
I hit the track propelling
I came up off the thruster late, impact with something
The traction coming, I felt already
I came up off of Native Tongues and Makavelli
I came up off of dirty south and Soulaquari-
I made my route encrusted it, entrusted it
All roads fed into the bar code, ok
Al-most fled into the dark, I docked, I didn’t
Talk, listen
Had to dust a bit
Had to conservate it, I’m at the precipice
I came up off of do your shit don’t bitch about it
I came up off of money tight don’t fuck around with
I came up after truants
I cannot hack the Rubik’s
I came up out the rubrics that you cut up out of
I can’t amount to record you could trust in, I could maintain-
I could maintain through the clutches of it
[Verse 2]
Bargain I been buckled to the fact it’s like
I came up off Cartesian ways of looking bout it
Targeted I tussle with the tact about it
I came off of Kubrick, off of Asimov, induct it
Mainstay my old soul's injunction
Maintain I don’t hold your namesake in same stakes
Debunk all that, uncharted, claim staking shit
One tried that painstaking lunge toward that, ain’t take it
Fuck that, the cortisol you pump at
I quartered off my history, you couldn’t snuff at
Who took the hit? you took affront at
Wouldn’t rebuff that, I let you contemplate it
I hit my register different, I hitch to my notations
I switch to monochrome, I slit my time and patience
Swish the Molotov
Sift through minor cases, sit through all your talk
I came up off of black boy impediment
I came up off of
You don’t know yourself so let me annotate it