Terry Lee Hale - Forget About Love Lyrics

I hate to say it but maybe tomorrow
I'll forget about love
I'm not worried, it's only lonely
I'll be okay but if only
I forget about love
I can't afford
Another time
I won't forget
I need a change, a good long vacation
Away from here and then I'll arrange to
Forget about love
Somewhere new, blame it on my heart
Somewhere new and then I can start to
Forget about love
Next time
I won't forget
I will be sure
But it's a fire you can't miss
What you want but not like this
And I know the reasons that we play
Love's what you want but you must pay
One more time, oh no never
A promise to myself
And next time I'd better just
Forget about love
So come on friends won't you say something please
If you see me bend or weak in the knees
Say "Forget about love"
Forget about love
Forget about love
Enough is enough
Say forget about love